Suggestion - Multiple Logins for CW Account

I need the capability of setting up multiple logins for a CW account. I am the developer on an account but the account is set up for the owner of the site (userID/password). I had to change out my modem and router and my IP address changed. The next time I tried to log into the account it sent an email to the owner of the account with a 6-digit code that needed to be entered. The email went into his spam account and by the time I got hold of him and got the code, it had “timed out” and was no longer valid. This back and forth has been going on for four days now. I can’t get into the CW account to make some admin changes.
A CW account owner should be able to assign additional user(s) to the account, possibly without the capability of getting into the “Account” area of the account.

The account owner can add you here. Cloudways did a good job with this feature and it’s possible for the account owner to get pretty granular with what permissions he grants you. As the account owner he will be the only one who is able to add additional team members which is what I think you meant by the “Account” area of the account.


This functionality is built into Cloudways, @lwoodsusa. A server owner can authorise Team members and can specify which servers/Apps they have access to, and what levels of the server accounting as well.

NOTE! You can’t use an email address that is already the owner of a CW server (Full or Trial) to create a new Team account. I use an alias of my main email like to create my new team member account. That way, should you wish to create a full server owner account for yourself later, you’ll be able to do it using your primary email address. (Yes, this is incredibly kludgy and I wish Cloudways would finally get around to fixing this messy aspect of team member creation.)

Once you’ve created that new Team account for yourself, it can be assigned privileges from any number of other server owners.

So… create a free CW account using your aliased email address - just decline to add any server when setting up the account.

Then have your client’s main account add your team member email address as a member of the team for his account. Click on the Team link in the Dashboard header and then click the green Add Member button on the top right of the Team page.

Once that team member is live in the client’s account, click on the new team member and adjust their permissions as appropriate.

Make sense?


Thanks to both of you. I just missed—or didn’t pay attention to—the Teams feature.