Still getting far too many "503 Backend fetch" errors?

One of the main problems with those 503 errors are that appeared almost randomly. So, every time I had to contact support, they asked me for steps to reproduce. And that was not possible. I don’t say that it was their fault. If you cannot reproduce something, you cannot investigate it.

I agree that 503 might happened for many, many reasons. I had in the past due to SQL injections attacks. Or xmlrpc.php attacks. But all those were fixable. Varnish was something I (or support) never managed to fix. So, I just used to have it disabled.

Agreed and at this point of time I can only tell you that ANY possible issues associated with varnish are taking into consideration by our DevOps team and will be fixed accordingly.

Since I made the original post in April 2018 I’ve contacted support about 503 errors and, on one occasion, they came back and said they’d applied a patch. That was on one of my servers (I manage 5 Digital Ocean) and the issue did seem to go away. However, I have a situation right now where a site I’m building-out keeps coming up with a 503 almost on every edit of a WordPress post or page. To me, it seems like it’s more likely to occur after a serious editing session but, as someone else said, it’s very difficult to pinpoint and replicate.

The errorerror 503 backend fetch failed ” is very common when there is a server overload caused by a large number of sudden visitors – people like you. The best thing to do in such a case is to wait and try again a little while later. To be honest, this is most often the culprit for this error .


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