Static resources cache policy time javascript css


I’ve installed Breeze and i’m working in my google pagespeed insights.

Problem 1: “Publish static resources with a efficient cache policy” and “A more duration in cache can increase number of visits…” and lists some resources js, png, css
Seems i should change duration policy, searching in google i find results speaking about change .htaccess, but should i do it or breeze should do it or i’ve a configurations problem ? …

Problem 2: Reduce time in Javascript execution, and lists
This is obviously generate by breeze, and i don’t know if move it to deffer charge could be a problem… I need your opinion

Problem 3: “Delete css you don’t use”, and lists
I don’t know what can i do from breeze, i think i can’t exlude css load

Thank’s in adavance!

Problem 1: If you tried to change the values Breeze sets in .htaccess it would get undone the next time Breeze is updated. Breeze already caches assets for a good amount of time. You’re not going to get much of a benefit by increasing it any more.

Problem 2: I would go through and find all of the JavaScript files that shouldn’t be blocking the page from being interactive, and defer those.

Problem 3: Detecting unused CSS isn’t really something that can be fixed with a plugin. There are tools that can help plugin and theme developers clean up their CSS. If your pages have a lot of differently styled elements below the fold, then once thing you can do is to load the critical CSS first. You can also check for poorly coded plugins that load JS/CSS on pages where the plugin is not used.

If you turn off the Breeze cache, so we can see what the original name of all of the assets are, and then share a link to the results of a test, then I could give you better advice on how to speed up the site then what Google Pagespeed tells you. I don’t ever listen to Google pagespeed, I just look at the waterfall graph and use that to figure out what needs to be changed.