«Staging Environment» our approach and what is your approach for?


Hi all,
we are looking for an simple and clearly arranged solution for different Let’s Encrypt SSL Certifications for different Applications/Domains stored centrally in one place (one cloudways-Application for SSL for all other domains/subdomains in other Applicaitons on same server).

Our staging-environment Apporach / Workaround

Because of missing «real staging environment» we use the clone feature from cloudways instead:

  1. We ensure all needed DNS-records are existing
  • «mysite.com»
  • «www.mysite.com»
  • «staging.mysite.com»
  • «previous.mysite.com»
  1. Clone current - live-application
  • «live.mysite.com» with domain «www.mysite.com» and SSL-Certs for «mysite.com» and «www.mysite.com»
  • to application «staging.mysite.com».
  1. Map Domain «staging.mysite.com» to App «staging.mysite.com»
  2. Create Let’s encrypt SSL Cert for «staging.mysite.com» in App «staging.mysite.com».
  3. fill app «staging.mysite.com» with new content, layout, images, … Also client will change some text, background-image and so on.

If all is approved by our client -> roll-out new version to live-page

  1. We change the name from «live.mysite.com» to «previous.mysite.com»
  2. We change the name from «staging.mysite.com» to «live.mysite.com»

Then because of missing real-staging-environment we change domain-mapping by hand :fearful:!

  1. We change the «PRIMARY DOMAIN» in Application Domain Management for App previous.mysite.com
  • from «mysite.com» and «www.mysite.com»
  • to «previous.mysite.com»
  1. We change the «PRIMARY DOMAIN» in Application Domain Management for App live.mysite.com
  • from «staging.mysite.com» in other browser delayed shortly so the off-line time for visitors for allready published live-page is as short as possible.

This are all steps we do to have a workaround for a «real staging environment»
At next roll-out we have to do the same multi-manually steps again and again. If we it step by step right, it will work. But there are:

  1. a lot steps to do wrong by mistake
  2. the SSL-Certs after a few roll-outs are hard to find, because there are still in the renamed Application. So Cert and Application-Name and Domain-mapping are mixed up.

SSL-Centrally Approach/Idea

Would be great we could store the SSL-Certs server-wide in one central place/Application.
See description here «Let’s Encrypt SSL Certification possible server wide?)»

Unfortunately this approach rare enough works without error and working Certs (also in Browser), but most of the time we get error’s in cw-console or an «not-secure-certification» error in Browser :sob:.


Plase share your experience or solution!


Maybe try out WP Time Capsule as they have a staging feature. I haven’t used it yet, but use the backup features and it works well!


Hi @martin

We were working to improve the existing staging environment. And I’m glad to announce that it’s finally done. Here is how it works:

Kindly give it a read and provide your valuable feedback.