Staging env with own database?


I’m planning to convert my MySQL database from utf8 to utf8mb4 for emoji support. As I’m afraid to run the corresponding scripts on my production database, I tried to find out if I can use the staging feature to test the conversion scripts.

There’s one cloudways kb article* which explains the staging feature. But this article doesn’t explain if the staging environment contains an own database which should be a copy of the production database. I suppose the stage environment is connected to the production database as there’s following hint on the kb article: “We suggest you take backup in case you are pushing Database to the Live Application.”

Does anyone know, if a staging environment also contains a copy of my production databse?

Thanks in advance


The staging site will use it’s own database. It will be a copy from the production site at the time the staging site was created. They suggest taking a backup so you don’t lose any important production site data when you push changes live and overwrite the production server database. You’ll then have a backup in case something goes wrong or you do it by mistake.

Hello Luke

Thanks for your explanation.