Staging App to subdirectory

Is it possible to “map” (not sure if that’s the right term) my staging app so it’s in a subdirectory of my site? In other words, I want to be able to type to go to the staging site.

Not if you want to keep the majority f the automatic features of Cloudways unfortunately, Tim.

Much easier and more standard on CW is to set up the staging app as a subdomain instead - Would that be workable?

That’s accomplished in your DNS by creating a cName for staging that points to the app.


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I have this problem as well. I have plugins that will not work in the cloudways staging environment.

"One of the below terms must be (part of) your development/staging site URL:


How do I make the necessary changes in the current Cloudways staging enviroment?

Thank you

It sounds like your plugin has a restriction that says that the domain name must clearly indicate that its a staging site, by including one of thoese words in the domain for licensing purposes.

The best method is to assign your own subdomain to the staging site you’ve set up, instead of using the long, anonymous Cloudways default URL.

So Use Domain Management in the Cloudways dashboard for the staging site to assign the domain or (Replace with your website’s domain name).

Then use the site’s DNS settings to create an A Record for that subdomain pointing to the IP address of the server.

Make sense?