SSL installation - Newbie here


I am bit new here.

I got my SSL certificate zip file from Go Daddy. It contains the following three files:

fb4…crt [Security certificate]
fba…crt [PEM File]
g_bundle…crt [Security certificate]

I try to install it using the following guides:

1 -
2 -

In number 1, I don’t seem to find the “Certificate Code” and “CA Chain”.

In number two, I get access to the files but I cannot edit “Server.crt” using text and I don’t have a file with the “Being Certificate / End Certificate”.

I hope I can find some help here.

Thank you everyone!


Actually, my “fba…crt [PEM File]” contains a “Being Certificate / End Certificate”.

And I have something close to which is “”-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----" “-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----”.

I could try to change the content of both files with the text I have and make a back up in case. However, one main issue is my inability to edit “server.crt” as a text file as seen in guide 2-.