SSL Certificate doesn't match name


I have two different applications on the same server. Last week I added a Let’s Encrypt SSL to one of them. Now I’m trying to add another Let’s Encrypt SSL to the other application. It looks like it’s successfully created in Cloudways, but when I go to the site it shows the SSL certificate for the first application and I get a warning about the cert not matching the name of the site.

Am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried restarting the server and purging the cache.

Note: I’ve sort of been able to get around this by going to the first application and adding the domain for the second application there.


Hello @thomasrdailey,

Usually, integrating SSL is pretty straightforward. Your way of adding SSL seems correct but could you share more details on the type of warning you were getting?

I assume that you mapped the domain first for both of your sites and then integrated SSL for that domain.

Ibad Rehman


Thanks, support fixed it for me. Not sure if they did anything or what though.