SSH Restrictions


I’ve been trying to up my skills with SSH and I have been trying to upload a file (a large one), via SSH, but when I try to do so I get an error message…

# SSH Command 
$ scp 'master_abc@'

# Error Message
scp: /apllications/abc/public_html/: No such file or directory

I know the directory does exist and all the connection details are correct (ip, username & password)

So I contacted CloudWays via chat and after having to explain a number of times I was trying to UPLOAD and not DOWNLOAD a file, I was told that uploading via SSH is not allowed and I would have to use an FTP client.

Is this right?

I was contacted by a CloudWays Senior Cloud Engineer, who was notified by the answer I received from the QA team.

He told me …

I am contacting you with the reference of your chat with one of our chat Agent earlier today, regarding uploading file via scp. We sincerely apologize on the response from our agent. I would like to update you that yes you can upload the file over ssh as well. The error which you were getting was due to the correct path. While uploading the files via ssh you would need to give the absolute path. Which is as below


We would highly appreciate if you please use the above path to upload your files via ssh and if you still face any issue please feel free to share us the error so we will look into it and will update you accordingly.

And I can confirm that it works!

Thanks CloudWays for the support. :ok_hand: