Site speed is not constant across the day


I’m with Cloudways since October, 2017.

My plan of app: “Windows Latest App”

  • Digital Ocean NYC with 32GB RAM, 8VCPU, and one application with up to 20-40K pageviews a day.

My problem:

In google analytics >> Behavior >> Site speed >>, I’m seeing a huge spike in site speed across the day, it is as fast as 5-8s, and up to 41s sometimes, and there are spikes in server response time as well. My server is never on overload, in fact, I believe I don’t need this high-specs server, but I’m using it for sake of fast speed and better user experience.


I’ve optimized the frontend of the site, and I’m a getting score of 80s in Google Page Insight. According to Pingdom, the site is very fast (under 2s), but the speed variation is bothering me as it could affect my SEO after Google speed update arriving in July.

My friend, Hitesh also experienced this problem. He is leaving Cloudways for Kinsta today after facing the aforementioned issue on his site, and having a pathetic support experience while cloning server to AWS which took more than 7-8 hours for a site with 30GB storage.

I’m not planning to leave Cloudways, I’m thinking of AWS Ohio CO XL + CDN and later Sucuri - Is this going to help?


Have a look at Pingdom response rate:




We have checked your requested issue and found that php execution limit was set to 60 sec and similarly the memory limit was also set very low and we have set these configuration parameters as per your application requirement and the max_execution_time and memory limit in your PHP configuration file are used to allow your PHP scripts to execute without any issue. Further, we have also tuned database parameter like buffer pool size and after all of these optimization on your server, the site is running fine and we have also updated you on a ticket # 87572 as well.

Further, if you want to use Amazon server for your application so you can clone your application from source server to destination server by following the below mentioned KB:

Feel free to contact us, our support is available around the clock. You can contact us 24x7 via live chat or ticketing system.

Zubair Sadiq


Hi @danicic

I am also facing same issue. Could you please solve the issue for me also.