Simple Monitoring software


Since the free NewRelic app doesn’t show disk space any longer I’m looking for some simple way to show free/used disk space and other basic stats.

Before you all pile in and mention the Cloudways monitoring tab and tell me to use SSH etc, I’m not a systems admin and won’t be command lining anything. I’m just looking for a simple display to monitor the VPS and keep ahead of space and resource issues.

So the question is - has anyone installed anything useful on CW which does this and what did you use?



Well… I know you said not to mention it, but the cloudways monitoring does not require commands and is a gui chart. However, one possible layman way is to set up the server SFTP as a network drive on your local machine if you don’t have too many servers to do this with, otherwise it could get cluttered pretty quickly.

Alternatively, again, I know you said not to bring it up, though it is rather simple is to type the command df

That’s literally it, just df.


i know you said no SSH, but this couldn’t be simpler.

Download Putty, Enter your ip address and port 22 (see image)

Log into putty with your master credentials username/password


Then run this command

df -H

See image for the output, if you save your credentials into putty its literally:

click saved server in putty
type username
type password
press up for last command used

Thats four inputs.!



@lpdollard Thanks for sharing the whole process. Its really helpful.


@wintercorn you could also install eZ Server Monitor. It’s a good easy alternative and displays quite a bit of info.


@shawn Thanks a lot!

That is the easiest thing I’ve ever installed and it works a treat. Take notice @cloudways.admin, this is the sort of information we need on a monitoring screen.

To anyone else considering it simply extract to the desktop, upload to a folder on any account on your VPS and go to that folder on the web. No additional config required.

Thanks again!


I am looking to use Digital Ocean via Cloudways to use for reseller hosting. Has anyone found anything that will monitor each app on the server and alert so that anyone overusing will be flagged? Solutions here are for server monitoring.


@kmmsubs I haven’t found anything like that which will work with Cloudways. We don’t bother with limits for clients though, the servers and bandwidth are cheap enough to handle any spikes. Maybe do the same but tell your resellers that you do monitor?


Thanks. Did you look at New Relic?


We used to have it but it’s too complex for a simple view. I’m sure someone will reply that it’s not but all I need at a management level is how much space is left and what the CPU is doing. Our admins need more detail.