Should upgrade to PHP 7.4

Wordpress Site Health is now telling me that PHP 7.3.24 is old, so for performance I should upgrade. The next version available is 7.4 but Cloudways warns that ionCube will not be supported. This appears to be a PHP encryptor for developers. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t upgrade yet?

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In my opinion, ignore WordPress Site Health warnings. I have tried to highlight this in WordPress forums but it is of no use.

  1. You do not know if most of your plugins are compatible with 7.4. WordPress moderators make no effort to make an indicator for this in the plugin repository.
  2. The incremental benefit of upgrading to 7.4 will not be worth the hassle of trying to troubleshoot incompatibility issues.

Hope this helps.

It’s definitely worth giving a go. Most WordPress sits will be compatible and always best to keep up with the latest version. PHP in Cloudways you can return to a previous version if you find that PHP 7.4 doesn’t work with your site.

MariaDB however you can’t go back as easily. Keep that in mind.

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I don’t have any live sites on this server yet so I went ahead and updated. I haven’t seen any issues yet. I thought I could just create another App for testing but sounds like for these things I need a seperate test server. Thanks