Should I migrate from Mysql to MariaDB?

Is MariaDB better than MySQL in terms of performance and speed? Do you think MariaDB will be reliable in the future? *The one thing that pulls me back migrating to MariaDB is that we cannot migrate back to Mysql (not easily possible).

I’m using MariaDB on 4 Cloudways servers. I chose this because of other opinions I read which, generally, say that MariaDB is faster.

As far as I know, MariaDB is still undergoing active development so it shouldn’t be an issue in the future. (Though some people have the opinion that over a period of many years it’s possible that the two will eventually drift away from being “drop-in” compatible).

There are articles online I found which list many massive and well-known companies using MariaDB and MySQL, so either way, there is a lot of long-term commercial interest in both, probably.

Because it’s a drop-in replacement to MySQL I thought that there are no complications between switching between the two.

If you ever wanted to switch back to MySQL then wouldn’t you simply clone your app onto a new server that’s running MySQL?

I’m far from an expert so I may be wrong…

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If you don’t plan to switch db engines or don’t handle thousands of connections, I wouldn’t bother.
You may face some incompatibilities or bugs you didn’t have with MySql. If everything is working fine, I’d stick with MySQL.

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Cloudways says " Please note, we do not support MYSQL any more from on in all new servers you will get Maria DB by default and you won’t be able to change your database to MYSQL."

Mysql latest version with cloudways is 5.7 (People are using version 8+ now a days). Looks like they will not even bother to update it anymore if they are going to stick with MariaDB.

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MariaDB sports faster and safer replication with updates being up to 2x faster than with traditional MySQL Replication setups. MariaDB replication is backward compatible with MySQL servers, so migration of your cluster to MariaDB is possible by utilizing one node at a time.
The simplest method follows these steps:

  1. Update your software repositories list with the MariaDB repos
  2. Update your Linux package manager with the new repos
  3. Stop MySQL
  4. Install MariaDB with your package manager
  5. Go back to work because you’re done.
    Hope this helps you!
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This actually presents a new issue that I am now dealing with: cloning an app from a server using MYSQL to a server using MDB.

Cloudways’ cloning system won’t clone without the source and destination servers running the same DB and version. Since MDB is supposed to be a drop-in replacement, I am assuming I will have to do a dump from MYSQL and import into the destination MariaDB. Is that correct?

If so, what a pain - that means an entire app will have to be manually moved.