Should I disable Wordfence now Cloudways have added Bot Protection?

I have previously used the Wordfence (free version) on my WordPress website to protect it. Now that Cloudways have added Bot Protection, should I disable Wordfence? Is there any benefit to running both - I would rather not slow my website with unnecessary plugins. Thanks for your response.


Hi James, I am wondering the same. However, bot protection does not have the option to block Ip addresses (I just asked). When I scan my wordfence logs, there is a lot of suspicious traffic f.e. check this fake Bing crawler which is 100% suspicious They hit my site 24/7 and I have them block via wordfence. Personally, I am keeping wordfence.
Also check your traffic logs bot traffic and run ip’s here > Scary what comes through to your site.
At best these spam bots leave fake comments, but worse, some scrape your content, duplicate it on spam sites and give you these great toxic backlinks! :angry:

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