Setting Up DNS Using Google Domains

I currently have a live website that I would like to migrate to Cloudways.

My domain is hosted with Google Domains and I currently have the custom name servers set pointing to my current host.

My question is

  1. Do I leave the custom name servers set pointing to my current web host and add an A record and CNAME for CloudWays?



Yes, you only need to update A records in order to point your site to Cloudways.

Ibad Rehman

Thanks for the reply.

My next question is how to move a live site from my current host to Cloudways without any downtime?

I have custom name servers set in Google Domains for my current right now.

If I update A record without changing custom name servers will it automatically transfer?


When you say, “will it automatically transfer?” What is “it”? Also, nothing is automatic.

It is recommended to first create a full backup of your existing WordPress site and then migrate your website to Cloudways either by using the migrator plugin or via assisted migration from our tech support.

Once migration is successful and you see your website working properly on staging on Cloudways platform, then only remap your domain and change URLs.

Please refer to these two resources:
Migrate WordPress Using Cloudways Migrator Plugin
Migrate WordPress to Another Host

Ibad Rehman