Set server to 7, and one app gets 5.6


Is there a way for me to set my server to php version 7, and make one of the several apps I have on that server use 5.6? I can do this with WHM with a directive in my htaccess. Is something similar avail for Cloudways?


I believe that would not be possible here. Because the configuration of PHP is done on the server level. You may need to run another server and configure it with 5.6 for those applications.



Saquib is right. In current stack of Cloudways. PHP is installed on the server level. It means you can either have 5.6 or 7 at the same time. If you want to use few applications on 5.6 then you will have to move those applications on a new server and change PHP version to 5.6.

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I thought this may be the case. Thanks for reaffirming.


Just chiming in here (not sure where feature requests should go) but it would be so great if PHP versions could be set at the application level. I’m migrating over from SiteGround, and while it’s shared hosting, I can change the PHP version on a site by site basis. My worry is if I have a site that isn’t compatible with a future version of PHP, all my sites will need to wait for that one site to be compatible before upgrading. I realize I could spin up a new server but that kind of isn’t the point. Thanks for considering!


Hello @dave,

It is not possible to configure PHP versions on application level as PHP runs on the server itself and not on application level. It is a part of core operations happening in the server just like an operating system. You can not assign multiple windows versions to different applications installed on your machine.

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@ibad.rehman It is entirely possible to have multiple versions of PHP installed on a server and have different applications use different versions. As @dave mentioned, Siteground does this with their shared hosting. And as a closer comparison to Cloudways, ServerPilot also allows different PHP versions per application. I even have this implemented on my on Ubuntu server at home.

Hopefully this is something Cloudways considers implementing in the future.


I don’t get this at all?!?!?

Just roll a new server. Problem solved. Why is that such a hardship?


Why pay for a whole new server just to run one small app?

Unfortunately I ended up having to do just this, but did it using ServerPilot and the smallest server on Vultr, so I could keep this client and still turn up a profit.

And as mentioned before, technically this CAN be done. ServerPilot does it, Runcloud does it. Not sure why Cloudways’ way is better but, technically, it could be done.


Well, you’re just not charging enough for hosting then.

We charge 3X Cloudways cost to us and every client gets their own server. If they can’t afford that then we don’t want them as a client (actually we don’t want clients that are just with us for hosting at all).


Agree as if it’s on application level we can run multiple app with different version and we don’t have to stuck with one version for all the application as some of the application might not support the updated version.