Server down for 12 hours! Lousy support!

All my sites were down for 12 hours. Zero notification from Cloudways, zero status notification on dashboard.

The only way I knew this is because uptime robot is monitoring my sites.

Contacted Cloudways tech support. They had me waiting for an entire hour on the online chat window without a single word of feedback, in spite of repeated attempts to get updates.

Magically, sites start working after one hour. Tech support person lets me know that he’s been reading the logs and everything is fine on his end and the sites were working fine. No answers. No explanations. The arrogance is blinding.

I’m happy to share transcript with anyone who wants to read it.

Support is completely unacceptable.

Would it have done any good to have fail-over if no failure is detected?

Not sure where to go at this point, but feeling very unhappy here. They were great for one year, now it’s headed downhill. I’m sure this won’t be the last time it happens. This is how the downhill trend starts. Been there.

Good luck to anyone else out there. Please share your story so everyone knows what’s going on.

Hi Pablo,

First of all I am sorry for the inconvenience you have faced with the servers and didn’t got any notification. But pleased to hear that servers are up again. Pablo! few things to mention here, Have you setup CloudwaysBot as of yet? Because CloudwaysBot is really an intelligent assistant that sends you notifications for every event occurring in your server. You can select multiple events from the list in CloudwaysBot settings:

Secondly, you can also setup custom notifications via email and slack using Channels option. Again you can select options for the events occurring in both server and application. Any event occurred will be sent to you via email.

Thirdly, You can ask your developer to setup Alerts to your mobile phone. You can use twilio for that and then every alert will be send to your mobile phone. We have written a nice guide on it to which you and your developer can follow.

We are constantly working to improve the Live chat support and your feedback is valuable for that. You can also reach out to me for anything regarding servers…


Sad to hear that, happened to me the same some days ago, 6 hours down affecting ecommerce site…

Yeah… I have some issue on my server and 4 days later. No answer from tech support!

Time to look for another hosting company I guess. What a bummer.