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Hi there and thank you for being part of Cloudways.

At Cloudways, we welcome all feedback from our clients and partners. So we thought about this forum that will give all everyone a chance to directly interact with Cloudways representatives, partners and clients.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss Cloudways services, configurations, general help, recommendations and third-party (relevant) services, brag about your achievements, give shoutouts to your favorite people, or pretty much anything that comes to your mind. :slight_smile:

The posts here are moderated, just because we need to keep this forum a friendly place of discussion.


Just want to say it’s a great idea you launched the forum, and of course Discourse is a great choice for that. How will you keep it separated from the feature suggestions page and support?

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Hi @rebastion,

Thanks for joining the forum.

It is great that you brought that up, we launched this forum to connect our customers with other customers and build a community that is able to talk anything related to Cloudways or their businesses.

The will primarily be used to submit feature requests. And to get more votes or opinions about your submitted feedback, you can start a discussion on Community Forum.

As for support, you are directly talking to Cloudways representatives regarding your issues.

In short forum is a place for open discussions. :slight_smile:

Hi, i don’t know who i am. I built website but i don’t know php sql etc.
I use cloudways to manage server.
I buy here people to do web design and programmer.

who am i?


Interesting :smiley:

I’m curious how you build sites since you don’t know PHP, SQL etc. Could you care to share with us? :wink:

Hi. I am from
Hope to learn from all of you.

Hello @gossippk10,

Welcome to Cloudways community forum!

Thank you for choosing and using Cloudways.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

Thanks for welcoming me. I want to update that I am now associated with [LINK REMOVED]


I am Gaurav Kumar, Blogger, writer and marketer.