Root Disk Full Again and Again and Again

There is a problem that keeps happening over and over and CloudWays is not fixing it. The root disk on 6 of my AWS servers is becoming full every day or so and crashing the server, taking down around 10 apps at a time. I get CWBot notices saying the server backup failed and this how I know the root disk is full yet again. So I create a ticket or start a chat, go through the whole song and dance and get them to delete the log files. Every time the support tech tells me that they have setup a cron job job to ‘rotate the logs’ but this doesn’t actually fix the problem.

I know some of you are thinking, hey man, there something wrong with your apps if you have scripts writing long messages to the logs. And, yes, I had setup cron jobs to run a script that echoed out a bunch of data and that may have been the culprit, but this was happening on my previous host for years and I never had one problem. Regardless I’ve turned off all echos and prints from my script and it’s still happening like clockwork.

Every day or two my root disk becomes full and my server crashes. I have 10 or so support tickets on this matter and I am now not getting any response from Tech Support, I guess they are sick of this problem too. The good news I know what the problem is and I know what I can expect from CloudWays.

The solution?

  1. CW should give us an option to not write cron logs to root, or something obvious like that) this may take forever.
  2. ???

Are you sure its only the logs using space? Maybe cache or some other issue? Or maybe you simply need more space?

Logs are removed after x occurrences, 52 as far as I know. That’s a lot to me, but cron jobs should have a hard time generating that much log data.

When similar stuff has happened to me I’ve downloaded everything (from the application root) for an application I suspect, to see what grows over time. I even have scripts that compare then and now for the same reason.

I’m getting a similar issue, but on Digital Ocean server… The available storage is decreasing by almost a gig a day. I just moved a few sites from a VPS to Cloudways and those sites ran just fine for a decade on the VPS without any issues… (I had to move cause the company was closing)

Sorry… No solution here. I think I might just have to look for another host… again :sweat:


I had the same issue on one of my WordPress application after i cloned it on the same server(DigitalOcean) & linked other subdomain for it. It is wp_cron jobs started creating soo much logging & making my disk full of log data, so i disabled wp_cron in config file and asked cloudways support to clear logs for me. I also enabled local backups increasing my disk space so i disabled them after this. After this i rechecked all my permalinks on new application and deleted all cache or security plugins and re-installed them just to rewrite/update .htacesss on my new application. This minimized my app logs generation.

But, i really want Cloudways to provide a way to delete logs as of now logs have all root access, atleast if we not able to delete them we must be able to control how much & how many days logs should be maintained on each application.

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