Revoked Certificates

Anyone else starting to have problems with * SSL certificates? Specifically, browsers are reporting that, although the cert is valid, “This certificate has been revoked”.

Our sites seems to be working fine

Thanks for responding.

To be clear, this only applies to apps that have yet to have a domain assigned to them. So default domains such as or

Having the same issues when trying to jump into phpmyadmin from cloudways dashboard.
Everything else works fine for me.

From what I can tell it is an issue with the Certificate Authority and something Cloudways has recently done.

Yup, known Issue. They’re deploying new certificates service-wide.

SSL issue for Cloudways Staging Domain

An update has been posted

Our back-end team has started the deployment of updated SSL across our platform servers, ETA for the process to be completed is by tomorrow afternoon UTC time (i.e. Friday 10th July)
Your cooperation & patience in this regard are highly appreciated.

Time posted

Jul 9, 18:15 CEST

This is the incident page - worth subscribing to updates for future reference.

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Thank you, Paul. Very useful.