Restropress not taking orders

Hi, just set up a demo for the new restaurant application.
Wondering if I’m missing a setting that actually allows for orders to begin.

I have a PayPal gateway set up with API username and Signature.
Store Timing is enabled in settings and I have chosen days of the week to be open and set open and close times on each day.

Still unable to add an omelet to the order. Just getting a popup that says ordering is not available.

Hello @chris4 There must be something misconfigured.

  • Cross-check if the timezone is set correctly. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Timezone.
  • What did you set for the store closure time?
  • Make sure you are not ordering in the specified break hours.
  • Enable Next Day Order: By checking this, ordering for today will be disabled. It is useful if you are accepting only the next day orders. Otherwise, keep it disabled.
  • Enable Pre-Orders: Make sure you have checked this option to allow ordering the same day. Additionally, you can enter the number of days your customers can order in advance.

Let me know if this helps.