Rackspace Migration Charge?!?!

So I get a call from someone at Cloudways that has no idea how to answer any of my questions. Strike 1.

Turns out Cloudways pulled an “invoice” out of someone’s ass and is trying to charge me $10/email for some “Rackspace mailbox migration”. Strike 2.

Has anyone else received this?

There’s a reason I use Amex for literally everything online - chargebacks are a breeze (especially when a company tries to charge you for something you didn’t agree to).

Are you sure it’s Cloudways or Rackspace calling you? The normal cost per account is $1. I haven’t used or got e-mail about Cloudways’ migration.

Did you migrate the mailboxes?

This is standard procedure, and for $10 is one of the cheapest ways to access a convenient service like this.

Yes it was cloudways and no I didn’t migrate anything.

After I sent a nastygram to billing they magically reversed the invoice.

This all seems pretty sketchy to me…