Quick stats on the Servers page


It would be very nice to see the following in the list of Servers (per server):

  • Remaining disk space
  • CPU use
  • Memory use
  • Data use

Possibly all of them relative to maximum, as small charts, or just current status (or e.g. average for the last hour or so) as one value/column each.

I imagine there’s a “cost” to getting the data.


Hi @redsmurph

Thanks for your valuable feedback. It is something similar to this. Can you please add your comment and upvote? More the upvotes, more it will be prioritized.


It’s a workaround solution, but you can get all those monitoring charts via CloudWays API:
(above link probably won’t take you to demanded section, so find it manually)


Documentation is not detailed, but it seems like a way forward. Thanks.


The parameter values are not documented, so I checked via Inspect/Network what’s generated when changing settings on the Monitor page in the admin portal. Oddly, the values sent in the request (target=31&duration=3 etc) don’t work via the API playground (specifically it complains over duration), despite the URL and arguments being identical with real use by Cloudways. The only things different:

  • The portal adds “storage=false”, that’s not possible to set in the playground.
  • The portal uses platform.cloudways.com instead of api.cloudways.com, but the rest of the URL is the same. Maybe parameter values are different.

Has anyone used this request successfully?

API authentication works, and I can retrieve lists etc, so I’m over that bit. I’m using the PHP SDK by Ahmed Khan.