Question about Cloudways API /server/monitor/summary

Hello everyone.

In the official Cloudways API, in the endpoint [/server/monitor/summary] with type “db”, you can a response similar to this

  "content": [
      "name": "aaabvasf",
      "datapoint": null,
      "type": "apps"
      "name": "agdsgsdg",
      "datapoint": [
      "type": "apps"

I have the following questions

  1. In which cases the datapoint field is null?
  2. What is the second value in datapoint field? It looks the same for all my apps.
  3. Why on earth in every other case we use Application ID, in this endpoint we return the name? Can we include also ID?
  4. Can we add also the usage of Database here? The only way to do it now is to call the [app/monitor/summary] endpoint for each application individually. Which is really time consuming.