Purge CDN stale content using Breeze plugin


Would be good if a user can purge CDN stale content via Breeze plugin along with Varnish cache and Internal cache. Is this a possibility?


Would be nice but just so you know, Cloudflare doesn’t cache dynamic pages, only static content (eg. JS, CSS, images, etc). If you run a CMS, Cloudflare won’t cache any of your web pages.


Hi @webmaster2
It is easy to purge cache at several levels. First Breeze offers Purge All Cache option in the top menu bar under Breeze menu. This option forcefully purges all the cache at any time.
Next, if you wish to purge varnish cache at any time, go to varnish tab and click the purge button.
Note that both these options remove all content from the cache. I hope this clarifies your question


I am using the CDN provided by Cloudways and using the Breeze plugin. When I perform 'Clear all cache" from the plugin, CDN cache is not cleared. I have to login to console and clear it manually to get a fresh copy of the page. It would be good if it cleared all cache as it says - i.e. CDN, Varnish, and internal cache.


Agreed. You should be able to purge the Cloudways CDN via the Breeze plugin. There should be an option for it here:


Being able to clear CDN from Breeze is really important for workflow. So need this and we know Cloudways always listens to its customers. :slight_smile:


Really really need this feature. Thanks!