Post content mysteriously replaced by unexistent user


Ok I’ve been a few weeks experiencing the following issue with one of my Wordpress applications hosted with Cloudways:

  • The posts content keeps being replaced by html blank space code " "
  • The issue happens on random dates hours.
  • The number of posts that get their content replaced increases every day.
  • The replacement shows in the review log of the post as made by a user with no name. Also the reviews section disappears

Cloudways support says that it is probably related to plugins (haven’t installed any additional plugin for months while this issue is been around for a few weeks) but I have cloned the application and the issue does not take place in the clone so it is clearly not related to plugins.

Now they asked me to add the domain to the cloned site and after doing so, the cloned site started suffering the replacement issue.

Any idea?


Would be possible to share a screenshot? I hope it would be helpful in understanding better to your queries and we would be able to answer. Thanks