Possible Validation Bug

When creating Application Credentials the maximum password length seems to be set to 20 Characters.
But after entering more than 20 Characters the Validation Message states: ‘Please enter atleast 20 characters’.
I encountered this problem in Chrome 61 on Mac.

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Hi Alexander,

Thank you for reporting this problem, I have passed it to the relevant team, and they are looking into this.

@kuehn it is not a bug rather a limit that has been implemented on console level, there is a limit of Max 20 characters for a password in SFTP credentials if the limit is exceeded the console throws a message.

I wasn’t thinking that the maximum of 20 characters is wrong, rather the error Message after typing in more than 20 characters which says you have to type in ‘at least’ 20 characters instead of ‘at most’ or ‘maximum’ 20 characters.