PHP 7.3 Is Now Available On Cloudways

Cloudways has successfully integrated PHP 7.3 on its platform. It is available on all new & existing servers on the platform and you can find it easily under the “Settings & Packages” tab. In case, you won’t find any upgrading option to PHP 7.3 in the tab, feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 Support team to fix the issue in quick time.

We urge all our valued customers to check their applications compatibility with PHP 7.3, as we recommend to quickly switch over to the newest PHP version for better web performance. On trial basis, applications could be first tested on staging environment to check its compatibility with the version, upon finding the execution smooth & unaffected, the web apps could be taken live to platform’s PHP 7.3 servers quickly.

For further assistance, head over to this complete article or follow this below given GIF to upgrade to PHP 7.3.

It looks like we should turn off memcahced with php 7.3, is that correct?

If so do you have a guide as to how to do that?

Many thanks for any info.

Sorry I see now the it is memcache (with no “d”) that shouldn’t be used. But memcached seems to be okay to use and does not need to be tunred off.

If i go with 7.3 can i simply revert it to 7 if needed? Would that affect anything?

Hi John, You don’t need to turned off Memcached. It will work perfectly. Let us know if anything comesup.

Hi, You can revert to PHP 7.0 by selecting it from the drop down. But you need to check the requirement of your application before upgrading/downgrading the PHP version. If requirements not meets your application can break.

Thanks for info. I got notification by email when clicked on visit topic it tracks my click instead of bringing me to this forum :). Might want to check on that.

Anybody experiencing bad on 7.3 version. Im thinking to upgrade. Please reply

Hello AdminQuint, We didn’t get any queries related to problems arise after upgrading to PHP 7.3. I would suggest you to clone your application on new server and upgrade the PHP version. Test it for few days and see if anything breaks up or not. If things workout smoothly then upgrade the original application to PHP 7.3

It will charges extra server right.

Does it can’t downgraded?

Yes you can easily downgrade PHP version by selecting from the dropdown.

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