PHP 7.2 Support


When can we expect PHP 7.2 support?

This is now the official recommended version for WordPress.


I second this, it would be nice to have the possibility to install PHP7.2 ASAP.


Hi @ron and @benoit

Here you go:


That crashed my Vultr server and I had to downgrade. Support chat said there’s a bug and they’re looking into it.


Crashed on DO as well. Had to have support roll back to 7.1 and then I had to recover from a backup.



Hi @ron and @benoit and @mustaasam.saleem
This thread is from more than a month ago. It’s safe to upgrade to php 7.2 now?
Thanks in advance


Hi @raizboim

It is always suggested to test the compatibility before applying a change to a live site. You can create a clone of your server and then upgrade PHP version to 7.2, it should work. If not, contact the support immediately.


How fast 7.2 as compared to 7.1?


Hello @anneschepers108,

7.2 is sightly faster than 7.1.

Checkout this PHP benchmark to understand why? PHP versions benchmarking




Woocommerce also suggest to have at least PHP 7.2