PHP 7.1 Is Now Available On Cloudways


PHP 7.1 is available for all new and existing servers launched on the Cloudways Platform. It is available under “Settings & Packages”. In case you do not see the option to upgrade to PHP 7.1 then contact our support and they will assist you.

We strongly recommend that customers should ensure that their applications and websites are compatible with PHP 7. In addition, the applications and websites should be tested on staging areas. Once all the issues have been removed, the applications and websites could be taken live on PHP 7.1 servers.

You can read the complete article at : or just follow the Gif to Upgrade PHP version.


is wordpress fully compatible? I mean can we upgrade if all our apps are wordpress based?


Hi @anirudhpulikonda

Yes - WordPress core is compatible with PHP 7.1. An in-depth guide can be found here.

But, PLEASE make sure, all the plugins and theme is also compatible with PHP 7.1. I would suggest to clone the app and then test first.



Any roadmap for PHP 7.2 upgrade?


Thanks much, I’ll upgrade


wait for php 7.2 too!


PHP 7.2 is already available in platform. You can upgrade to this version from Packages tab in server settings.