Phantom disk usage on non AWS servers?

I’ve noticed on any of my non AWS servers (Vultr, Linode) that a few GBs of disk space is used. I have about 7 servers and all the non AWS ones with just one or two applications that use around 200MB only, the server will read on average 4-5GB of disk already used. My AWS servers are accurate to the amount of disk used by applications.

Am I missing something that I don’t know about or is this something I should have support look into?

I’m on DO and noticed this myself and it was about 3-4gb. I contacted support and they said it was what Cloudways needs as overhead on a server, their platform etc.

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Thanks. Now I know where its coming from.

It can also come from caching, E - that process saves a rendered copy of a large number of your pages to a folder on each site. Also watch for whether Cloudways’ server backups are configured to store a copy of the backup on your file system as well as on their external backup server.

But yea,as Dave says, the drive space is also holding the operating system, the web server software, and the other software that runs the server itself too.

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