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I was hoping to see simple options to add a second credit card, or to add funding that would remain as a backup in case there’s a problem with my primary credit card. It’s not clear if this is possible.

Is there a way to do it?

And if not, is Cloudways considering making this possible?

Right now it seems my sites are a single bank error away from going offline.

You can add prepaid funds to your account.

Hello @paul.raphaelson,

Currently, adding a secondary credit card option is not available. However, you may always add advanced funds to your account so that your monthly invoices get charged automatically without any interruptions. And, as an alternative method, you can always make payments via PayPal.

Ibad Rehman

Thanks Ibad. The question is, can it be set up so that the credit card is the primary form of payment, but the added funds are there for backup? Credit cards are the most convenient, but not 100% reliable.

If this isn’t possible, I’d urge you to make it so, along with a 2nd credit card. These are very simple features that would be of great value to your customers.

I’m afraid not. Added funds are used prior to charging your CC on file. I agree that sometimes CC payments are not 100% reliable but currently, we are not offering any backup payment solution except for multiple modes of payment. I suggest you to upvote this feature on our feedback platform so that it reaches to a higher priority quickly.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

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