Onesignal push notification not works

onesignal push notificatoin service not works with breeze plugin. when i disable breeze that time working fine.

onesignal push notifications can be continued while keeping breeze plugin active? currently i disabled onesignal on my website

I use Breeze and OneSignal push notifications with WordPress without any issues. Vultr server. No varnish.

have you changes any settings in breeze plugin after installing onesignal?

None. Was using W3TC until they flashed my site back 12 months, then switched to Breeze. OneSignal was in place long before the switch, no settings changes in OneSignal and breeze is setup default. OneSignal is on defaults/minimums as well. Hate to say it, but you should start with looking for plugin conflicts. But again, Varnish is turned off for my server because it can cause issues like this.

Like many things, you probably have to remove its scripts from your options. Chances are you have minified it or something.

Hello @tanwarsawaisingh,

Make sure that other plugins are not conflicting with OneSignal plugin. Disable them all and enable them one-by-one to confirm that.

Also, try purging the database inside Breeze plugin and disable Varnish, although Varnish has no impact on this.

Ibad Rehman

Disabling Varnish for this is like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer.

There are too many good things about Varnish to disable it.

Like joshuabaer23 said above - worst case exclude its scripts.

Better yet - use W3 Total Cache. Breeze is garbage.