Okay, where is the handbook for dummies? i need help!

I had my website migrated over to Cloudways, which for some reason took from Friday to Monday morning to complete, and I feel absolutely helpless.

I cannot figure out how to get into my website.

All the instructions are too ‘techie’ and not in plain language so I do not understand how to access anything.

As a matter of fact, I am afraid to touch anything for fear of screwing things up.

And, why was I already charged for a website I have yet to be able to use?

Is there a handbook for dummies out there?

Thank you,

Another Cloudways customer here. I think you need to be more specific if you want specific answer. Exactly describe what you want to do and why it does not work.

“cannot figure out how to get into my website” is pretty vague. Are you using FTP? You can’t find the FTP credentials?

Yes, you are being charged for a server that is currently running that you are not using. It’s like ordering a taxi and having the taxi wait for you until you tell him where to go. Obviously you will be charged for that waiting time…

Gayla, Cloudways might not be the best avenue for you.

There are quite a few techie steps to take to host on the platform. It definitely isn’t for newbies.

Hi @gayla

Login to your Cloudways account. At the top left menu bar, you will see Server and Applications tab.

Servers - All the servers launched at Cloudways platform can be controlled from there.
Applications - All the applications launched on different servers will be listed and controlled from there.

Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with.