Number cloudways backups saving more than my settings


All of my servers are set to 1 week of backups. However each application on all of the servers has 15+ backups instead of the 7 or 8 I would expect in a week. I opened my first ticket in regard to this about 8 months ago. I was told this would be fixed by resetting/updating backup process/settings file but the problem has not been solved. I kinda put the issue to the side for the last 8 months, contacted support again this last week and gave me the same answer. The problem is still taking place and I have 3 weeks of backups.

:hugs::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Has anyone else had this issue? Can some of you guys check your application settings and check the restore area to see how many backups you have? Do you have the number that correlates to your backup retention time?

I will post a solution here when fixed,


Same here. I have spent hours on live chat, been passed around loads of different support agents. No one seems to have any idea how to resolve it. This needs to be escalated, I noticed it occurring on my servers about 6 months ago.


I am using VULTR servers. What servers are you using?


Digital Ocean, however I have used Vultr servers in the past and noticed the same issue.


I have another open ticket right now and we are waiting 1 week to see if the backups reset. I will post the results here. :roll_eyes:


Problem still taking place after support “fixed”. Just put in another request with support. Anyone else have servers that are generating more backups that they should?


I do. I just checked after reading your post…

On Digital Ocean.

Do backups count towards your total storage? I’m assuming that’s a yes…? :thinking::sweat:


I have had to open a handful of tickets to get this resolved. Still no solution yet. I will update you when this is resolved.


I spoke to live chat support again regarding this and they said it would be passed on to their engineers. Not heard anything back about it though.


Yep, same here. I am going on (1) YEAR.

I dislike how their ticket system auto closes tickets after a few days, regardless if you are waiting to hear back from the advanced team.


I’m going to follow up with support again next week. If anyone else is having this issue then please comment, I suspect it’s affecting more than just the three of us who have posted here.


I’ve got another open support ticket so we’ll see if anything happens with that.


Yeah, I think they are aware now. They mentioned all servers being affected by this so I think it will be fixed at some point.