No live chat? HELP


Our server is constantly crashing and were trying to scale up the server, but it says there is a limit that has to be removed, and contact chat or submit a ticket. But i cant do either??? Its just greyed out!

We need help asap!


Seems you cant submit tickets or access chat via a team account?


I hope you found a way around this. I’ve found that behind our in-house firewall/filter, the live chat widget is blocked. If you’re running something like this, you might want to check it on a different network. To access tickets, I need to log in to the platform, then navigate to If I attempt to visit before I log in, I can then log in but am then redirected back to a different page.


Thanks for your input. I got through to the ticket system by just going straight to They explained that it was a glitch in their system that made the ticket and chat icons greyed out and not functioning. It has now been fixed thankfully.


My live chat still doesn’t work. Not wanting to submit this issue via ticketing, hopefully here’s a good place.


I would submit a ticket if i was you, its a bug they need to fix.


The live chat i always very responsive so this might be a temporary bug, even though I can’t seem to be having the same issues. I recommend sending out an email or open a ticket. They usually respond fast. Good luck!