No install path for Wordpress?

I’m trying to do a very standard thing, which is to install Wordpress to a /blog subdirectory.

Surely this must be possible.

Most web hosts have a 1-click install to any path you want. How is this so hard on Cloudways?

you can simply do it by install WP in sub folder and pass rule in .htaccess file. Manage separately from wp-config and DB.

You mean… manually install Wordpress? Yeah sure. I can do that on DO too. That’s not really the Cloudways value added though.

Getting a WP install set up in a subdirectory on CW isn’t nearly as straightforward as you’d hope it would be, @jroven.

It’s a pretty manual process - CW just isn’t set up to handle this process well at the moment. I haven’t heard if there are any plans to improve it.

Here’s a solid walkthrough of how to do it with SSH commands, and covering dealing with the database.

Hope that’s of some use.