No CDN on Wordpress Multisite?


What´s up with the “CDN integration is not available for this application.” message when I need to install CDN on my multisite Wordpress app? Why can we not install it on a Wordpress multisite?

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Hi @bohlin

CloudwaysCDN does not support WordPress Multisite yet. We will look into it :slight_smile:


Ok, I guess I will just install another Wordpress app that I generate the CDN on and use that CDN adress in my WordPress Multisite then. (Others, note that you can not use the CDN on the other/new app. Just use the cdn-address on your multisite and you will be fine)

Have a nice day out there … =)

Does the CDN support https?

Is that working fine?

Now that is what I call a work around :smiley:

Cloudways should add it in their knowledgebase


Talon: That would work just fine, a cdn is just a file-replicator.


Wow, thanks for the help!


Hi @bohlin,

I appreciate your efforts for helping people out here :slight_smile:

Seems like you really know your way around our platform.

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I am just a newbie at your platform, but yes I have been working with web development since I started out around -94/-95 so I have gathered some knowledge in all those years … =)