New Support Pricing

New standard, advance and premium support is public now. You can find more details here

As we can see, we have

  • Free package
  • 100$/month
  • 500$/month

I am in Cloudways for more than 3 years and I was one of the lucky one to see their awesome support back in the days. What do you think will happen now?

One of my biggest concerns is the “Server Error Investigation” from the linked page. In specific, it mentions

We’ll collaborate with your team for deeper investigation of common server errors (500, 502, 503, etc).

The last year, I had a lot of errors that in the end, proved to be “server” related and all were fixed by changes in server settings that we don’t have access. Does this mean that we won’t be able to fix those kind of errors, unless we pay for advance support? Because, if the standard support doesn’t investigate to find the cause of the error, how they will know that it is the server and not the app?

Well, what do you believe about those changes?

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Hi @tasosventouris,

Thank you for your comment and feedback.

Please note what we used to cover with Standard Support stays the same, i.e. it’s NOT a downgrade. In fact, this year (“Delightful Support” being the top priority), we have been working hard to improve/scale (almost 2X) the Support team and to come up with tools (APM) to increase the coverage of Support.

Our Support engineers will continue to guide you for 5XX issues. Regarding server settings, we will be bringing these settings to UI. So it should not be a problem.

The Standard support (which includes the guidance from our support engineers and tools for app-level issues) should enable you to pinpoint and fix the issues you might have.

With the new support plans and scope, we try to better manage expectations for our different customer profiles. Our standard support continues to offer great value for the bulk of our users who want to strike a balance between depth and cost.

Plus, as explained, we have doubled down on it with our Academy and tools. For those customers who need deeper involvement of our team into their operations, advanced/premium offer a broader support scope and a partner like an experience.

Happy to schedule a call to discuss further.

Thank you.

As long as I have the same level of Support as before, I am fully satisfied. Most of the times, the problem is on the application side, but those damn cases that you cannot do anything, the support is there to help you on the server side problems :slight_smile: It would be shame if we don’t have those.

However, I have to admit that from Marketing, it wasn’t a perfect release. For me and for a couple of friends that we are in Cloudways, it looked as a downgrade. Something that we won’t have as we used to have. Maybe it would be better if you promote the two new packages as “Personalised Support” or even remove the word “Support” in general. Like “Personalised Server Management”. With that, it is clear that customisation is not a support. But whatever you need for bugs, security and server performance, you have it in the Free Support pack.

I do agree here :+1:

I have noticed that the issue categories on a new ticket are very specific and few in nature - presumably to limit tickets to reduce support. Some recent tickets of mine don’t fall in to any of those categories and I’m concerned that this will mean a slower or more unhelpful (…) support response.

From my understanding, the categories they have on the chat bot are related to the blog posts they have done in their Knowledge Base. So, if they don’t have a resource to link, they don’t have the category.

This is just my impression tho as a simple user. I don’t have any affiliation with the support team. If I were you, I would used this forum with the examples of the missing categories and how those can be written as a knowledge base post to help other users. Then, they can see it, they will write those tutorials and add them to the chat bot.

Not the chat bot, I meant the support tickets.

Oh sorry. I messed up by merge yours with mine issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I guess, you can still suggest the categories that can be added here. If those categories are common and not too strict with limited usage, I don’t see why not adding them

Free support will be useless now. As all the features will be there in paid services only.