New Relic Servers as been switched off. What now?


I have relied on New Relic Servers and Cloudways’ integration with it to get decent monitoring information on my servers - now they’ve discontinued that service. As Cloudways performance graphs are fairly basic and don’t help you zero in on which applicationis causing a problem on a multi-app server, I feel I still need something equivalent. Is anyone already using something with Cloudways which does the job?

Must be relatively cheap and must be something I can install myself via Cloudways SSH access.



I changed to New Relic Infrastructure which is better than NR Server. Yes you have to pay but it’s not that much if you don’t have a lot of servers. The only downside is that New relic Infrastrructure is showing the Cloudways numerical name. Changing it in New Relic is not possible and Cloudways refuses to change NR files to display a common name.

I did find an alternative (Nixstats) but you need to install it on the server which you’re not allowed to. Cloudways doesn’t install it since it could break their stack (so they say…)


Can you give an idea of costs for New Relic? I am looking to use Cloudways for reseller hosting once I can find a reliable system to monitor user/app performance.


I strongly recommend It’s not New Relic detailed but it does a good job of the basics.