New Relic (no idea what I'm looking at)

I’m currently using the Lite plan with New Relic on my Cloudways server.

I have no idea what are the important metrics are. Even on the Lite plan, there is so much information overload.

Is anyone able to give a basic rundown on what metrics are important (and where to find them in reports)?

If it helps - the main thing I’m interested in finding out is which apps are responsible for consuming server resources. For example, if I have 10 WordPress apps on one server, how do I know if I should look at placing a particular app on its own server if it’s consuming most of the resources?

Thanks team!

Hello @contact17,

New Relic is a great tool for monitoring your web applications individually. As far as the resources and space are concerned, Cloudways now comes with a built-in monitoring feature which let you see the disk usage per application.

You may also refer to the detailed guide I wrote on New Relic APM tool for further information.

Ibad Rehman

Thank you for your suggestion. I have indeed seen this new recent feature that you describe.

Though, my main concern is the amount of memory and CPU that each app is consuming overtime. (ie, I’m not so concerned about disc consumption).

If anyone knows a way to look at this it would be really helpful if you could point me in the right direction.

Thank you so much!

The unfortunate reality is that the new Lite version (since about a year ago) is pretty limited - requires a fairly expensive paid plan to get the needed long-term data.

The most beneficial way to use the Lite version - and which should give you the general info you’re looking for - is to go into your Account Settings and under User Preferences, click to be sent the weekly summary report in email. That report will show daily CPU and RAM usage for each app on your account. (see screenshot)

Note! - to make life easier, go to the Setting section of New Relic dashboard for each APP and assign real website names to the cryptic Cloudways App names. Much easier for monitoring if you have a number of websites on a server.

For more immediate checks of individual websites, you can go to the APM dashboard and click on one of your Apps. Then select a time frame of “last 24 hours” in the time picker on the top menu bar.

Now, look at the bottom data block where it will list things like response time, CPU usage and memory. This info is more or less a per-app version of the server-wide monitoring that CW gives you in their dashboard. To make it more useful, click the little graph icon beside the list icon in the upper right corner of that specific data area - you’ll now get a timeline of CPU and RAM usage over that 24 hour period.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to come back to this report repeatedly to monitor usage patterns over longer periods of time, as the report is limited to max 24 hrs. That’s where the weekly report I mentioned at the beginning becomes more useful. This specific report can be used for troubleshooting when you’re in the middle of an issue though, instead of having to wait a week for the email report.

Hope that helps you get what you’re looking for?



The system is giving an auth error when I try to edit my above reply, but wanted to also mention:

The additional benefit/reason to keep checking the 24-hr reports is they will show the actual daily usage pattern where you can spot shorter periods of intense usage. These might be causing issues which the averaged daily data in the weekly emailed report might be masking.

E.g. A site could be maxing out the CPU sevreral times per day for shorter periods. If the rest of the time it’s usage isnt overly high, the average for the day would’t indicate this problem which likely means the site should get moved to its own server.


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Hi @paul4 - wow, great advice, thank you so much!

This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to spell this out to me.

I greatly appreciate it!