New Account Verification Process is Terrible (Specifically for Affiliates)

About three months ago Cloudways introduced account verification for safety reasons. Updates to improve safety are always a big plus, but this one has a down side.

Affiliate marketers are most likely signing up less people per month now and the number will continue to drop. The reason is the account verification process, which Cloudways has stated that they are not sure how it presents an additional hurdle for new customers.

Here is the sign up process by a new customer after reading a wonderful review about Cloudways and clicking on an affiliate link.

  1. Customer becomes interested in hosting with Cloudways because of affiliate review.
  2. Customer clicks affiliate link to the sign up page.
  3. Customer signs up, but is told to open a chat (usually not shown on page) or
    email and submit the following personal information.
  • Facebook / Twitter handle
  • Company or personal website
  • Personal info such as government-issued photo ID or passport
  • Contact Number
  1. Wait for an unknown period of time.

Most new customer are non-tech savy and are simply looking for a great hosting company with a quick sign up process. However, the wait time and being required to submit social media handles and government issued identification in order to host their website is a major turn off.

Yea, no way I’d jump through those hoops. Never mind categorically refusing to provide that level of private data.

I’m curious what CW’s expertise is in identifying the authenticity of those documents in the first place?

Hey @Freddie,

Sorry for the hassle you are facing. We made a few changes in the verification process due to the spam we have been receiving lately.

Would you be able to identify the region of your referred customers so that we can look into it and try to make the process hassle-free for you?

Ibad Rehman

"So is it only new users from certain regions that will encounter this (unusable) sign up proess?