Need help and why I am likely leaving Cloudways


Hi @makeonlineshop

We do show “Real-time billing” under Account. It will show you an estimated bill that you will get at the end of the month and also shows the amount that you have used till date.

Adding screenshot for reference.


Really can’t comment on the Scott situation because we don’t know exactly what he was running, we only know what he told us.

A while ago I had a blog which for some unknown reason started firing hundreds of notification emails at once. I couldn’t find any cause so I had to disable all email notifications. It seemed like a bug from one plugin I used on it. And that’s the core of my argument.

Wordpress sites are highly targeted as it is the most used platform on the web. So an attack wouldn’t be a surprise at all, I guess. Maybe it was really a bot or something trying to break into Scott’s sites. We can’t know for sure now, but bots can do everything, literally. If you have a form on your website, or installed a plugin, you can be vulnerable.

So first thing I do to try to avoid this is put the site behind Cloudflare. This way, they absorb part, or most, of the traffic in case of spikes. Second thing is always updating plugins, and third, not using pirated themes or plugins as they may contain backdoors.

These are just general tips. As Cloudways (and Vultr, and DO, and Linode, etc) only provide you with the servers, they won’t always back you up when problems such as this arise.


As we read through the community to understand how everything works, an observation : Maybe Cloudways can set up an alert system that will text us in case of limit exceeds. (Keep default limits on bandwidth and any additional must have customer approval)? Also, a tiny algorithm to check any out of the ordinary spike? The 1st alert will not shut down anything but a 2nd alert might need an action like customer approval to keep server running? (Let customer decide on these limits as his pocket guides? :wink: ) . Just a tiny pointer to solve this issue as upload to crash or cause financial damage is a real possibility here!



Hello, cloudflare is essential with wordpress, is it easy to enable cloudflare from Cloudways ?

An alert when data limits are exceeded is also what I am waiting before moving to cloudways, as I do not like “Surprises”.

Thank you.


You can enable Cloudflare directly from your Cloudflare dashboard.

There isn’t a plugin in the Cloudways dashboard like you’ll find in cpanel hosting.


I,m also very upset about no option no disable off-site backups as well


This is disappointing to read. I’m a new Cloudways customer, so I’ll have to keep a close eye on my bill and usage. My scenario is the same as yours with a few low traffic WordPress sites hosted on Cloudways.


I will leave cloudways as well, i heard good thinks about this company but i think services and customer support are out of date