MySQL to MariaDB migration considerations

Based on practical experience:

Are the performance gains substantial (as in 20% or better)?

Are MyISAM databases migrated automatically, directly compatible or neither?

Any obvious gotchas in terms of query compatibility and data integrity/conversion?

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Anders Borg

Dont know if it helps but i migrated 2 DO servers from mysql 5.5 MariaDB10 and there was a definite improvement in speed although I cant qualify how much it was part of a bigger push to improve a slow site.

The upgrade itself was painless took a few mins and so far no issues, its been a week.

You could always replicate the server by cloning it, update the DB check everything works then kill your clone after a few hours.

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Thanks for the answer.

So you didn’t have to import the database after the switch?


Hi, @redsmurph.

@paul guided you very well.

You don’t need to do any additional work after the switch. But make sure, you have tested on a staging first since you can not switch back.

For further understanding, you can give it a read:

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Nope the upgrade does all that for you. My understanding is that the mysql files are dropped into maridb and it works quite seamlessly. Its not so easy to go back though.

I would test on staging site, and take a full server backup first but for my servers (with multiple Wordpress + woocommerce installs) it was very quick and straightforward.



Very late response, but I eventually had to switch to get access to JSON and GIS support, and “move on” in general as MySQL is still on 5.7. So far I haven’t experienced any problems.

I already had columns where I stored JSON (due to form responses mostly) and locations (due to geofences). Now I can hopefully speed that up.