My server 6 hours down


incredible, my server is down from 10 am to 4 pm


How do you get back from the situation.


My server got network isolated due to a digital ocean hypervisor problem, what is unacceptable monitoring from digital ocean and cloudways didn´t work properly so i had to contact cloudways support and after 7 hours the server got up.

This is one of the reason i will never put here any of my production servers.


Where do you put your production servers then. Got any tips?


Your server was down from Upstream provider’s end and we were continuously in coordination with them to resolve this issue.


Cannot be accepted a server is down for six hours and either cloudways or upstream provider monitor systems don´t alert technical team to take actions, learn to be proactive and not reactive if you want to be considered a value provider.


For reliability and business continuity we use Amazon and OVH.


Mission critical websites need colocation and a fallback strategy. Stuff happens- not just at Digital Ocean/Cloudways.

Being proactive could be using as simple as adding your own 3rd party site monitor as a backup to the provider’s.