Multisite on cloudways + cloudflare for dns and subdomains. Can’t get it to work

Hey everyone,
So I recently migrated my multisite to cloudways.

The main website works, and the network dashboard works, but not any of the new websites I create.

Process until now:

  • I referred my dns to cloudflare
  • created a records for my subdomains
  • added the same subdomains to ‘additional domains’
  • Created ssl wildcard
  • on server settings, packages - changed to cloudflare
  • cloudflare ssl settings are on flexible

Main website:
Subdomains: and demo02

Please let me know if I need to provide more information and if you have any idea how to solve this!

Thank you.

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Probably a small detail was overlooked when setting up here is where i would start to trouble shoot.
Check site settings in network admin.
Sites > edit
Confirm they match the domains you added / configured on server side. If ssl installed be sure settings here reflect that i.e. “https”
In domain settings in application be sure you have each variable of subdomain.
Check wp config and htaccess files in network setup.
Also be sure to add the subdomains on cloudflare. You may need to wait for any changes on cloudflare to fully propagate.