Moving application to another server

I have a WordPress-based forum that requires a higher level of PHP than I have installed on my Digital Ocean server. Problem is that another site on the same server has an essential plugin that will break with the higher level of PHP.

I’d like to create a second Digital Ocean server instance and move the forum site over to it. Do I need to use the WordPress migration tool to do this, or is there an easier method of accomplishing this task?

Thank you

You should be able to select “Clone App” and then select the server you would like to clone it to. Then making it the live site is just a matter of adjusting the domain settings.

That sounds very simple, thank you! The site in question uses a LetsEncrypt certificate, I assume that I would need to generate a new one?

I appreciate your response, thanks for posting it!

Yes I believe you’d have to generate a new one. Not sure if there would be any “downtime” which the certificates update. Might be good to schedule this switch for off hours.