Mixed Content - after getting Certificate of SSL


Hello Mustaasam

I have noticed that after deploying SSL certificate on WP site, the site getting a warning of mixed content, and also m not able change something on the theme.

the theme color has been changed and not able to get it back

Let me know if you need any other info

I connected theme owner he was not able to get permission to fix that up.

he wrote this " Thank you for access. I can log into the server
but have no permissions to write there.
I’m sending you modified file, please copy it to
/wp-content/themes/bimber/includes/front/ dir, you have to replace the same file existing there.
Then clear all caches you have and let me know if works."

Please make changesin log server theme panel


Hi @michael.ilu28

As discussed privately, Mix Content Warning is no more at your site. Please acknowledge that.



Thank you so much for helping

Really it worked and appricated a lot


For others having this issue - Install the ssl-insecure-content-fixerplugin and use on second highest or highest setting.


Is this plugin available for custom PHP App, I am facing this issue on some browsers, but my script is custom.


Hi @vineet.chawla

Mix content warning usually occurs if you have one or more links serving via HTTP on a particular page. View the source code of a page and search for “HTTP://”. All HTTP links appear, make them HTTPS and it should be resolved.

Alternatively, you can also check non-https URLs from here.