Misbehaviour and ignorance of cloudways team

Greetings to all users ,
I have been really very much disaapointed by the cloudways team.
After hearing praises and reading some blogs thought to shift my clients to the cloudways and joined affiliate program.
No clients of mine can upgrade there account.
The support team simply states its your bank fault.
3 reputed banks from india whose cards my client uses in most of the international websites , even works on digital ocean, but there reason is simple that the bank has blacklisted them.

My question was simple , Your system is not secure? why 3 banks have blacklisted you.?
Why the same card works on other platforms.
They have been not responding to skype chats and closing my live chat support.

I have recorded all their chats and skpe , I have reviewed them on different platforms.
In my opinion They are just some small kids running a company which only as told me by them focuses on european and western countries.

They donot care about other asian countries as there main focus is only on those countries whose client can provide 800- 2000 usd for servers.

Hello @samrat.o.y.t.

I’m sorry to hear about the unpleasant experience you had with Cloudways’ support. To investigate the issue further, I will be getting in touch with both the support and billing department and will get back to you with a proper explanation of your case.

Meanwhile, if you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Ibad Rehman
Community Manager

At last cloudways did a good job … Wow , they claimed that State bank of india and Bank of baroda have blacklisted them . And for these banks card to be used we may need to talk to them and request them to whitelist them which are one of the most biggest and reputed banks in India.
My clear assumption - Cloudways is not safe at all. I will request all indian users who are reading this post for not trusting them as they are the worst at support, technical and the most humanity.
In the skype chats there fellow agent has himself told that cloudways focus is for european and western countries whose client can pay a hefty amount.

It was worst for me and i recorded their misbehaviours . It can be good for some and bad for other according to their sense of profit.

Out of curiosity, where they able to use Paypal instead for payment?

I myself got my first payment to cloudways declined, using a US card , as my bank usually block any unusual transaction especially international ones (the merchant is out of the US). The process happens as I try to make a payment, the payment gets declined, the bank sends me a text message, sometimes they’d actually call, asking if it was me who did the transaction, and then I approve it. Then the payment with this specific merchant will be processed everytime without a hustle.

They provided the option but most of clients are usually shopkeepers who run their small shops and restaurants, They dont even know what is paypal .
Here cloudways team simply answers that if they dont have paypal too they should change their bank.

Is it really a support?
and this answer i got after 5 days of which i have to be in support chat for more than 3 hrs each day.

Hello @samrat.o.y.t as I can understand is mostly the banks that are declining to pay, doesn’t seem to be a problem with Cloudways.

So the first thing should be to ask your customers’ banks to allow proccesing this payments. Cloudways accepts your payment no matter where it comes from.

I’m brazilian, have only one paid server of USD 24/month and never had problems after asking my banks to approve payments to international providers. I understand this is really annoying, but it’s for their own protection and safety.

Once it’s unblocked on the banks, all works fine. Hope this helps, cheers!