Migrator Plugin - How much data can be migrated?


I recently got a client who wants to host their website on a faster server and I was wondering how much data can be migrated using the Cloudways Migrator Plugin before it crashes or gets a timeout error. There is a ton of posts, pages, images etc.


Hi @Freddie

There is no limit. Can you please specify the data he has?


We just migrated a site for a client that had 16gb of files. It took 12 hours but it all came through :slight_smile:


I migrated a 9 GB Wordpress website in just a few minutes, really :wink: The secret? Do it via SSH instead of the Migrator plugin.

What I did was quite simple (relatively speaking, of course):

  • logged in to the old server via SSH
  • dumped the database to an SQL file
  • TAR.GZ’ed the whole PUBLIC_HTML folder - the whole site was then reduced to a single 4 GB file
  • logged in to the new server via SSH
  • Used WGET to transfer the file - that was really really fast due to the server’s big pipe
  • unTARed everything
  • loaded the database from the SQL file - from the command line of course, because the SQL file was huge
  • changed database credentials on wp-config.php file
  • finally, pointed the domain to the new address

Et voilĂ 

12 hours? Who’s got 12 hours? :smiley:


Thanks for listing out those steps, Denis! That is a great workflow.

To be fair, I didn’t actually spend 12 hours of my time. I just migrated it over the weekend and periodically checked on it. I probably spent less of my time than had I ssh’d it (especially considerin you don’t even have to do search and replace, etc, with the migrator), but it wasn’t practical for many situations. I’m actually surprised it didn’t error and kill the whole process.

Also, for other sites, the process is usually less than 20-30 min. Just a tidbit for those who are curious regarding their own applications.

That being said, I will definitely be giving the workflow you listed out here a try at some point, Denis.


12 hours is crazy but understandable for the plugin. I’ll look into the SSH migration. Thanks for the information!


Glad to hear you liked it :smiley:

Yeah, I migrated smaller websites using the plugin too, and the search&replace is something you can’t forget. But larger sites and/or sites who can’t take a big downtime needed to be moved by other means. And by using Cloudflare, that means those sites had zero downtime.

And today I discovered yet another way. Since TAR’ing the whole site means you’ll need 2x the space on the destination server while decompression runs, that means you’ll won’t finish it if you’re tight on space like me.

But fear not, here’s the solution: https://mikebeach.org/2011/03/13/how-to-migrate-website-files-using-scp/

SCP means server-to-server file copying. I justed tested it with another website and it worked like a charm.